To Get People To Follow You, You Might Want To Do Some Following Of Your Own

At the centre of it, people are pretty decent. They are not nearly as self-centred, egotistical or vain as you may have imagined. But always under a lot of pressure these days, this is the impression that many people get, customers and clients in particular. While drawing so much attention to yourself, your rivals end up snapping what should have been your clients, getting them to eat out of the palms of their hands.

And what a shock some of them could get someday soon after you have finished reading through this post. They’ll wonder why you’ve suddenly become such a ‘great big fan’ of their work. A shock of all horrors, you’ve become one of their followers. You look surprised, here let’s explain how this strategy works, and there’s nothing devious about it at all. To get followers on Instagram, perhaps, more than you’re sitting with, and more than you bargained for, you get to become a follower as well.

And if that doesn’t strike you as kosher, there’s still an easier way for you going forward. Simply buy your Instagram followers. You shouldn’t be too surprised. That’s how the big guns have been doing it all these years. And maybe even some of your small town rivals too. It’s how good business has always been done. In order to get clients to buy into your services and products, you entice them with a few gifts along the way.

The best things in life are still free. After receiving a freebie or two, there’s a curious encouragement to take a closer peek and see what else you’ve got to offer, this time, for a fee. Of course. There’s also a suave way to get followers on Instagram. It was mentioned earlier. You become a follower too. By the time you are through with this promotional exercise, some of your rivals will end up being your partners.

You end up helping each other out, thank you very much. The term given to this strategy is to ‘cross-promote’. To some of you reading this now, it may seem quite galling. You will be promoting the work and services of other companies. But not your own? Actually, yes, you will end up being promoted too. Once your rivals have softened up to you, politely thanking you for your support, they’ll end up returning the favour.

Some of your rivals may have far more success than you at this early stage of your business career. But one of the hazards of success is that there will be too much work to do around the place. And that being said, they will be happy to palm off a few clients of their own to you. As a junior partner in this rough and tumble game of social media marketing, you finally get the heads-up start that you wantonly deserve. To wrap up, apart from buying your followers, you also become one yourself.