Social Media Likes And Negatives

Everyone enjoys a happy ending. So, this story will be no different. It is kind of a personal journey, so hope you don’t mind. First the bad news, and then this story will conclude with a good vibe that you can use going forward on ins and outs of social media news networks these days. From a young age, everyone wants to be liked. I was just a pup long before social media news networks were the thing they are today.

And while today you have millions of millennials buzzing around the world these days, all online, of course, the millennium was not even a thought amongst us youngsters. Feels like I’m giving my age away, but no matter, the point I wanted to make was that from a young age we all wanted to be like. It is a human condition, so there’s no getting around it. Also, relax because it’s not really a vanity exercise at all.

Anyway, I always found it hard. I did never have enough lunch money to go around buying up my own friends. I was a shy, timid sort of guy (still am), so, with or without money, getting a word in and other kids to like me was always going to be hard. As you are as a child, so it goes into adulthood. You make your way into the world, and you always seem to learn things the hard way. And it was never an easy lesson to learn.

But learn it I did. There was a time in my life where I could buy friends. I learned that that was easy. But there were consequences. And the moment the chips were down and my entire house of cards came crumbling down, see how quickly all those ‘friends’ disappeared into the ether. And if you managed to get as far as asking for a heads-up, the byword was always; sorry, can’t help you. Negative words to that effect.

Okay, so that’s enough negativity for one lifetime. Now for the good news then. Now that we all have our favourite or preferred social media networks to work (or play) with, it’s seemingly become a lot easier to meet and greet and make new friends and collect a following. But whoa there kiddo is what some of you are saying. Not so fast because that part is still not easy. Yep, you got that right. It still takes ages to get people to like you, even on Instagram.

But problem solved, almost overnight. Doing a little R & D one night, waiting for my next assignment to come rolling in (it took a while, so I had time to kill), I came across a cool way to get Instagram likes on my platform as quickly as snapping my fingers. Well, not quite. It took at least a day to filter through, but there you go, more likes and followers on my Instagram account simply by buying them.