On Building An Online Following With Newsworthy Events

This is not exactly breaking news anymore but the news is this. Many schools, college and varsity leavers are aspirant writers. If they are not writers per se, they have ambitions to become active and professional members of the world’s newsrooms or publishing companies that publish hundreds of monthly glossies. As things stand now, only half a dozen youngsters out of thousands get in. This number is not cast in stone.

It is just to give you the impression on just how hard it is to get a job with a newspaper or magazine these days. But the thing is, these youngsters, known otherwise as the latest batch of millennials to emerge, are already moving in the right direction, let’s just say. They are subscribers to newsfeeds, following newsworthy events and topics of particular interest to them. They receive these feeds daily on their preferred social media networks, with Instagram being one of the leaders.

And lo and behold, if they have found something that is worthy of a comment or two, or just simply a thumbs up or down, they contribute. If they have something to say about an Instagram picture that is broadcast by a particular news network, they have the space to leave a few short words. It is quite possible that others will latch onto something exceptional that they may have said and pass the message on.

Or, if time is against them, they can simply click the ‘like’ box and, instantaneously, the picture receives yet another rave review. But hardly does it happen that they receive recognition for their promise as a social media ‘opinionista’. There is something that they, and you, can do about this. Many of you are already running your own news-oriented blogs. Some of you have yet to start this project, so get a hurry on.

The work you do is not bad, and there is always room for improvement. Time and regular practice get this right. The quality of your news content and own visuals will improve over time. But curious George and all others like him always seem to only take note when there has been one heck of a huge reaction. Under normal circumstances, to get Instagram followers in their (dozens, hundreds, thousands even?) to like what you say or publish is one heck of a long journey.

Now, that journey can be shortened considerably. All the budding blogger or news reporter needs to do to build up a dramatically huge following, almost overnight, is to simply buy their Instagram followers or likes. After that, it is all up to you to make your content worthy of a busy newsroom that you are finding so hard to get into. Crusty old raincoat-clad journalists with notepads and pens had been doing it for years. To put a word in edgewise and see their story in print the next day, they took some time out to buy friends or contacts.