How The Wheels Of Fortune Can Turn In The Social Media Universe

Thanks to the internet, and now a compendium of social media networks for consumers and humanists to pick from, the world continues to get smaller. But while this phenomenon continues to occur, the universe continues to expand. Here is a curious observation. No longer are men, women and businesses referring to their world, or this world, they talk in terms of the universe. As in the social media universe.

Is this not a sign of sheer ambition then? It could be. Men, women and small startups are obliged to show more ambition in what has come to be experienced as a highly competitive business and marketing environment. These days, it is even challenging to get likes for Instagram accounts. In the halcyon days of social media, folks were merely using their accounts to connect with family and a few close friends.

Sharing pictures from your last annual vacation or your son’s Bar Mitzvah is quite easy. You utilize your smart mobile device well enough these days. And when your album is complete, you post the accumulation of pictures to your account to allow your small band of followers and friends to have a peak at what you got up to during your last vacation or what Grandfather Joe had to say at your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Or first Holy Communion or rights of initiation. This world may be getting smaller but there is still a universe of cultures and customs to explore. Which brings this post to the heart of the matter. Why is it so difficult to promote a business on favourite social media sites like Instagram? Well, there’s that thing called competition. It grows stronger every day. Small startups have more hard work to do to get a leading edge.

Fortunately, the bandwagon grew a little larger over the years. Small startups have become innovators of the third kind. They have managed to exploit (positively speaking, of course) all the newly developed software tools that continue to enter the mainstream as each new smart mobile or tablet hits the market. Gone are the days when a struggling business had to spend a further fortune on marketing and advertising.

Gone are the days when a small business handler had to spend months planning ahead, all to no avail. All he (or she) has to do these days is make a small purchase to get likes for Instagram accounts.  What a way to cut corners. Positively speaking, of course. Anyway, social media marketing and advertising are here to stay, of that, you can be certain. Is it any wonder then that in print newspapers are finding it difficult to stay afloat? Not only are they losing readers to the internet, and social media, every year, they’re losing out in advertising revenue by the millions. Companies see the value in placing ads on social media newsfeeds, given that so many more pairs of eyes are receiving them.