A Gracious & Generous Way To Get People To Like You

Once upon a time when it was still quite new, a thrill a minute and quite the novelty, people, in general, obsessed and gushed over the number of people that seemed pleased with what they had to say or display on their chosen social media networks. The vanity exercise is now water under the bridge and it is the millennials of today that lead the way in getting people to like each other, or what they do or say.

Or display. The emphasis is very much on making a visual impression on others. And while they have the tools to discern with, Google analytics still haven’t quite managed to get a handle on Insta (Instagram) likes. Listing the numbers is easy enough and you get to see that number on your platform’s counter, but gauging the calibre of your likes is quite another matter. Fortunately, you do not need to rely on Google too much.

You can tweak your personal or professional Instagram account to check when people are visiting your platform and where the most positive reactions have come from. It’s a case of; was it something I said, positively speaking, of course. As to why it’s so difficult for some folks to appreciate that making new friends and getting people to like them is no different from the very first time they stepped onto a school playground is sometimes hard to fathom.

Getting a handle on the tech that helps you to get Insta likes is easy enough. But don’t expect the tools to do all of the work for you. Tools are only as good as its users anyhow. But wide of tweaking your account as a research and development exercise, there’s still some other spadework for you to dig into. Whether you are hard-pressed to get Insta likes for your personal account or for professional gain, you’ve still got to like them.

Social media platforms are great tools to learn how to become an effective communicator. It’s also a good space for you to learn how to be a good listener, or in this context; a good listener, reader and viewer. Many of you network quite aggressively to get people to like you. But what about them? Apart from the fact they’ve been pressganged into supporting you, what’s there to like in them? Plenty much if you pay a little more attention.

Schedule more time in your day to compliment others on the hard work they’ve put into publishing their Insta pics. And if its commercial oriented, don’t be afraid to give critical but positive reviews of your rivals’ work, over and above just pressing the ‘like’ button. A rivalry is a good thing. It can drive you to become more competitive, and many of you are experiencing just that. But if you really want to stand head and shoulders above the rest on some important levels, you need to learn how to be gracious and generous as well.