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How The Wheels Of Fortune Can Turn In The Social Media Universe

Thanks to the internet, and now a compendium of social media networks for consumers and humanists to pick from, the world continues to get smaller. But while this phenomenon continues to occur, the universe continues to expand. Here is a curious observation. No longer are men, women and businesses referring to their world, or this world, they talk in terms of the universe. As in the social media universe.

Is this not a sign of sheer ambition then? It could be. Men, women and small startups are obliged to show more ambition in what has come to be experienced as a highly competitive business and marketing environment. These days, it is even challenging to get likes for Instagram accounts. In the halcyon days of social media, folks were merely using their accounts to connect with family and a few close friends.

Sharing pictures from your last annual vacation or your son’s Bar Mitzvah is quite easy. You utilize your smart mobile device well enough these days. And when your album is complete, you post the accumulation of pictures to your account to allow your small band of followers and friends to have a peak at what you got up to during your last vacation or what Grandfather Joe had to say at your son’s Bar Mitzvah.

Or first Holy Communion or rights of initiation. This world may be getting smaller but there is still a universe of cultures and customs to explore. Which brings this post to the heart of the matter. Why is it so difficult to promote a business on favourite social media sites like Instagram? Well, there’s that thing called competition. It grows stronger every day. Small startups have more hard work to do to get a leading edge.

Fortunately, the bandwagon grew a little larger over the years. Small startups have become innovators of the third kind. They have managed to exploit (positively speaking, of course) all the newly developed software tools that continue to enter the mainstream as each new smart mobile or tablet hits the market. Gone are the days when a struggling business had to spend a further fortune on marketing and advertising.

Gone are the days when a small business handler had to spend months planning ahead, all to no avail. All he (or she) has to do these days is make a small purchase to get likes for Instagram accounts.  What a way to cut corners. Positively speaking, of course. Anyway, social media marketing and advertising are here to stay, of that, you can be certain. Is it any wonder then that in print newspapers are finding it difficult to stay afloat? Not only are they losing readers to the internet, and social media, every year, they’re losing out in advertising revenue by the millions. Companies see the value in placing ads on social media newsfeeds, given that so many more pairs of eyes are receiving them.

Social Media Likes And Negatives

Everyone enjoys a happy ending. So, this story will be no different. It is kind of a personal journey, so hope you don’t mind. First the bad news, and then this story will conclude with a good vibe that you can use going forward on ins and outs of social media news networks these days. From a young age, everyone wants to be liked. I was just a pup long before social media news networks were the thing they are today.

And while today you have millions of millennials buzzing around the world these days, all online, of course, the millennium was not even a thought amongst us youngsters. Feels like I’m giving my age away, but no matter, the point I wanted to make was that from a young age we all wanted to be like. It is a human condition, so there’s no getting around it. Also, relax because it’s not really a vanity exercise at all.

Anyway, I always found it hard. I did never have enough lunch money to go around buying up my own friends. I was a shy, timid sort of guy (still am), so, with or without money, getting a word in and other kids to like me was always going to be hard. As you are as a child, so it goes into adulthood. You make your way into the world, and you always seem to learn things the hard way. And it was never an easy lesson to learn.

But learn it I did. There was a time in my life where I could buy friends. I learned that that was easy. But there were consequences. And the moment the chips were down and my entire house of cards came crumbling down, see how quickly all those ‘friends’ disappeared into the ether. And if you managed to get as far as asking for a heads-up, the byword was always; sorry, can’t help you. Negative words to that effect.

Okay, so that’s enough negativity for one lifetime. Now for the good news then. Now that we all have our favourite or preferred social media networks to work (or play) with, it’s seemingly become a lot easier to meet and greet and make new friends and collect a following. But whoa there kiddo is what some of you are saying. Not so fast because that part is still not easy. Yep, you got that right. It still takes ages to get people to like you, even on Instagram.

But problem solved, almost overnight. Doing a little R & D one night, waiting for my next assignment to come rolling in (it took a while, so I had time to kill), I came across a cool way to get Instagram likes on my platform as quickly as snapping my fingers. Well, not quite. It took at least a day to filter through, but there you go, more likes and followers on my Instagram account simply by buying them.

On Building An Online Following With Newsworthy Events

This is not exactly breaking news anymore but the news is this. Many schools, college and varsity leavers are aspirant writers. If they are not writers per se, they have ambitions to become active and professional members of the world’s newsrooms or publishing companies that publish hundreds of monthly glossies. As things stand now, only half a dozen youngsters out of thousands get in. This number is not cast in stone.

It is just to give you the impression on just how hard it is to get a job with a newspaper or magazine these days. But the thing is, these youngsters, known otherwise as the latest batch of millennials to emerge, are already moving in the right direction, let’s just say. They are subscribers to newsfeeds, following newsworthy events and topics of particular interest to them. They receive these feeds daily on their preferred social media networks, with Instagram being one of the leaders.

And lo and behold, if they have found something that is worthy of a comment or two, or just simply a thumbs up or down, they contribute. If they have something to say about an Instagram picture that is broadcast by a particular news network, they have the space to leave a few short words. It is quite possible that others will latch onto something exceptional that they may have said and pass the message on.

Or, if time is against them, they can simply click the ‘like’ box and, instantaneously, the picture receives yet another rave review. But hardly does it happen that they receive recognition for their promise as a social media ‘opinionista’. There is something that they, and you, can do about this. Many of you are already running your own news-oriented blogs. Some of you have yet to start this project, so get a hurry on.

The work you do is not bad, and there is always room for improvement. Time and regular practice get this right. The quality of your news content and own visuals will improve over time. But curious George and all others like him always seem to only take note when there has been one heck of a huge reaction. Under normal circumstances, to get Instagram followers in their (dozens, hundreds, thousands even?) to like what you say or publish is one heck of a long journey.

Now, that journey can be shortened considerably. All the budding blogger or news reporter needs to do to build up a dramatically huge following, almost overnight, is to simply buy their Instagram followers or likes. After that, it is all up to you to make your content worthy of a busy newsroom that you are finding so hard to get into. Crusty old raincoat-clad journalists with notepads and pens had been doing it for years. To put a word in edgewise and see their story in print the next day, they took some time out to buy friends or contacts.

A Gracious & Generous Way To Get People To Like You

Once upon a time when it was still quite new, a thrill a minute and quite the novelty, people, in general, obsessed and gushed over the number of people that seemed pleased with what they had to say or display on their chosen social media networks. The vanity exercise is now water under the bridge and it is the millennials of today that lead the way in getting people to like each other, or what they do or say.

Or display. The emphasis is very much on making a visual impression on others. And while they have the tools to discern with, Google analytics still haven’t quite managed to get a handle on Insta (Instagram) likes. Listing the numbers is easy enough and you get to see that number on your platform’s counter, but gauging the calibre of your likes is quite another matter. Fortunately, you do not need to rely on Google too much.

You can tweak your personal or professional Instagram account to check when people are visiting your platform and where the most positive reactions have come from. It’s a case of; was it something I said, positively speaking, of course. As to why it’s so difficult for some folks to appreciate that making new friends and getting people to like them is no different from the very first time they stepped onto a school playground is sometimes hard to fathom.

Getting a handle on the tech that helps you to get Insta likes is easy enough. But don’t expect the tools to do all of the work for you. Tools are only as good as its users anyhow. But wide of tweaking your account as a research and development exercise, there’s still some other spadework for you to dig into. Whether you are hard-pressed to get Insta likes for your personal account or for professional gain, you’ve still got to like them.

Social media platforms are great tools to learn how to become an effective communicator. It’s also a good space for you to learn how to be a good listener, or in this context; a good listener, reader and viewer. Many of you network quite aggressively to get people to like you. But what about them? Apart from the fact they’ve been pressganged into supporting you, what’s there to like in them? Plenty much if you pay a little more attention.

Schedule more time in your day to compliment others on the hard work they’ve put into publishing their Insta pics. And if its commercial oriented, don’t be afraid to give critical but positive reviews of your rivals’ work, over and above just pressing the ‘like’ button. A rivalry is a good thing. It can drive you to become more competitive, and many of you are experiencing just that. But if you really want to stand head and shoulders above the rest on some important levels, you need to learn how to be gracious and generous as well.

To Get People To Follow You, You Might Want To Do Some Following Of Your Own

At the centre of it, people are pretty decent. They are not nearly as self-centred, egotistical or vain as you may have imagined. But always under a lot of pressure these days, this is the impression that many people get, customers and clients in particular. While drawing so much attention to yourself, your rivals end up snapping what should have been your clients, getting them to eat out of the palms of their hands.

And what a shock some of them could get someday soon after you have finished reading through this post. They’ll wonder why you’ve suddenly become such a ‘great big fan’ of their work. A shock of all horrors, you’ve become one of their followers. You look surprised, here let’s explain how this strategy works, and there’s nothing devious about it at all. To get followers on Instagram, perhaps, more than you’re sitting with, and more than you bargained for, you get to become a follower as well.

And if that doesn’t strike you as kosher, there’s still an easier way for you going forward. Simply buy your Instagram followers. You shouldn’t be too surprised. That’s how the big guns have been doing it all these years. And maybe even some of your small town rivals too. It’s how good business has always been done. In order to get clients to buy into your services and products, you entice them with a few gifts along the way.

The best things in life are still free. After receiving a freebie or two, there’s a curious encouragement to take a closer peek and see what else you’ve got to offer, this time, for a fee. Of course. There’s also a suave way to get followers on Instagram. It was mentioned earlier. You become a follower too. By the time you are through with this promotional exercise, some of your rivals will end up being your partners.

You end up helping each other out, thank you very much. The term given to this strategy is to ‘cross-promote’. To some of you reading this now, it may seem quite galling. You will be promoting the work and services of other companies. But not your own? Actually, yes, you will end up being promoted too. Once your rivals have softened up to you, politely thanking you for your support, they’ll end up returning the favour.

Some of your rivals may have far more success than you at this early stage of your business career. But one of the hazards of success is that there will be too much work to do around the place. And that being said, they will be happy to palm off a few clients of their own to you. As a junior partner in this rough and tumble game of social media marketing, you finally get the heads-up start that you wantonly deserve. To wrap up, apart from buying your followers, you also become one yourself.